Article: This ONE Simple (and Highly Underrated) Principle will FREE YOU from Stress For Good!

Let’s call a spade a spade, shall we?!

  1. We ALL have stress in our lives.
  2. Stress is THE #1 SILENT KILLER of Health, Happiness, and yes, Dreams!!!
  3. Living stress-free is getting more elusive, overwhelming, and complicated (i.e., MORE STRESSFUL) in this modern age and culture of productivity, efficiency, speed, multi-tasking, and information overload!

But, what if eliminating stress isn’t actually as complicated as we are led to believe?


First, consider these two quotes:

It’s not stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it.”
– Hans Selye

The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.”
– William James

So, if it’s not stress that kills us, but rather our reaction to it; and if our greatest weapon against stress is our own choice of thoughts; and again, if we’re living in an age where there are increasingly more stressors, then all that begs the real question at hand:

How do we develop the resilience, the energy, and the mindset to consistently squash the power and control stress has on us, and FREE oursleves from its hold once and for all??!!!

I believe the answer lies in one simple truism.


Yes, it’s that simple, it’s that self-evident, and perhaps because of that, it’s also that underestimated!

But here’s the plain truth.

When we consistently and regularly (and those two words are KEY, which I’ll get to in a moment) connect with, and engage in, the activities, pursuits, experiences, interests, pastimes, hobbies, ventures, occupations, callings, projects, undertakings, and work that we LOVE – the ones that bring us alive, that rejuvenate us with energy, that fill us up with meaning and joy, that simultaneously take us away from and bring us back to ourselves in the most magical and best way possible, that sometimes even help us transcend time and space- that is how we tap into, nurture, develop, and leverage the very resilience, energy, and mindset that obliterate the deadly affects of stress!

That’s how we take control and change our reaction to all the stressors that will continue to come, and that’s how we use our most valuable weapon – our power to choose not just our thoughts, but our entire state of mind and state of being, come what may!

Because we are fueled with the requisite energy, power, and strength it takes to do that. And that fuel is literally generated by doing more of what we love!!!   

Yes, it’s that simple. Now, consider these two quotes:

Many of us feel stress and get overwhelmed not because we’re taking on too much, but because we’re taking on too little of what really strengthens us.”
– Marcus Buckingham

We all have those things that even in the midst of stress and disarray, they energize us and give us renewed strength and purpose. These are our passions.”
– Adam Braun

In other words, we need to take on more of what really strengthens us. We need to do more of what energizes and replenishes us. We need to connect more with our most fundamental and vital selves. We need to Seize Our Passions more!

And we need to do it consistently and regularly! Not just as a one-off.

Because you’re not going to get into shape by going to the gym once or even every once in a while, right?! It’s the same exact thing.

And, to quote Will Smith – it’s much easier staying in shape than it is getting in shape.

So, incorporating what you love into your regular daily practice, consistently every day, as much, whenever, and wherever you can is how you start building that resilience, energy, and mindset that defeats stress every time; and then over time, it’s how you easily maintain and sustain that power and dominance so you can just effortlessly say – Be Gone Stress!

Whether it’s in your professional life or in your personal one, but ideally in both – do more of what you love! Whether it’s your hobby and pastime or it’s your calling and career, but ideally both – do more of what you love!

And not just because it’s fun. Not only because it will invariably lead to success, which it will, by the way. But because your health, your happiness, and your dreams literally depend on it!

Do more of what you love! And be more of who you love!

They go together like movies and popcorn. And they beat the big, bad, wolf (namely, Stress) just like the heroes in the movies we watch while eating that popcorn do :-)).

Be that hero! All you have to do is – more of what you LOVE!!!!

I dare you!

Read this for more on why Passion is the ultimate gateway drug that leads to everything else that matters in life!!!!


Wear this if you Choose Passion over Stress!!! :-).

Do more of what you love and be more of who you love!!!


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