Article: I Thought I Was Important Too

For the longest time, I believed money was there to make me happy. So I used it every chance I got. I spent it and spent it. I bought shoes and makeup and lots and lots of clothes, jewelry, and even fur. My closet in New York couldn’t hold my stuff, so we rented storage. We got a bigger place. We thought about moving to the suburbs. I bought experiences that made me feel special too. We went to India, France, Italy, and Mexico. We only stayed at the best places. Five stars or nothing at all. We honeymooned in Anguilla under twinkling lights on a crescent-shaped beach. I was capitalism’s favorite child. I worked on Wall Street, and spent all of my money. I was hated. I was revered. I was resented for being a girl in a guy’s job. I puffed out my chest to seem bigger. I felt needed. I was living proof that money couldn’t bring you happiness. Read Article

Source: Personal Growth – Medium

Author: Jane Hwangbo

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