Article: How to Focus on Your DREAMS

In life, there’s only one thing you can rely on. And that’s you. It’s really impossible for others to guess the real magnificence of what you can dream up, so whatever you are hoping for from others will never be deeply satisfying.

In the end, to be truly fulfilled it’s about connecting to yourself, your power and finding the answers for yourself.

I spent many hours thinking that the perfect job would hopefully turn up one day or that prince charming would woo his way into my life.

The thing is that I wasn’t very specific about what exactly it was that I would really love.

The truth is, I didn’t really know as I didn’t take the time to ask myself.

But I could tell you exactly what it was that I didn’t want, for example:

  • Working endless hours in the office to go out drinking in the evening for “fun”
  • Breaking my back for a company that really didn’t give a sh*t and wasn’t doing anything “meaningful”
  • Waiting by the telephone for “him” to call
  • Robbing Peter to pay Paul

It was through working with a coach that I realised that I spent more time and energy focusing on my fears than my dreams. And then I wondered why I wasn’t getting what I really wanted!!!

So then I started to connect to my Inner State. That place inside where you know exactly what it is that you would love. When you begin the process of connecting to yourself and asking yourself deep questions, you stop searching outside.

The panic will slip away, to be replaced by a deeper knowing of what is truly right for you, and that…it’s all very possible.

I connect to my Inner State in a number of ways, to find the real answers of what my heart is longing for by:

1) Taking time for me:

Sometimes I take time out just for me, whether it’s going to the spa, having my favourite cup of tea with a book in bed or taking a bath. It’s all about nourishing myself to show that I care and I’m there for me.

2) Meditating:

Yup, the number 1 thing that nearly everyone recommends now

I find it helps to calm my mind and I feel more centred and connected to me. Start off with just 10mins with the Headspace App or try Oprah and Deepak Chopra’s 21-day meditation experiences.

3) Asking my heart questions:

When I have a big change coming up, my brain goes into a panic and I look to solve the problem quickly. However, by asking the right questions and taking the time to listen to my heart, instead of just my head, it feels a whole lot better. I work with a coach to ask those deep questions and then I just let the answers bubble up from the surface, it’s like a feeling that just comes up that feels right.

So I invite you now to connect more to your Inner State, and try putting into practice these simple steps to focus more on your dreams than your fears!

I work with clients to ask those deep questions so that they take the time they deserve to create their dream life.

Love Kelly


Source: LinkedIn

Author: Kelly Morgan

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