Andrew Smith: Arctic Ride for Dreams

You can either watch the full-length video, or each one-minute episode.

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Gabrielle Gidley
6 years ago

Wow good for you…this made me smile…I will follow my inner calling more…thanks for that wonderful story…

8 years ago

i wish to re-think for me also , always i think i lost time and i didn’t make anything good for myself and i wish to change my life and re-think how to start but sometimes i look at things to start with it and then i found it difficult , i would like to get an idea from someone to inspire me to do the best things for the future and i always dream like ( i am going to be a millionaire or i am gonna be a good man for humanity) . by the way , i… Read more »

Elizabeth Ellner
8 years ago

Sometimes everything needs to fall apart for us to be able to stop, Re-think, and ‘See’ through the cloud of our lives. This story is a story that most of us can tell until the point that Andrew lost everything, which allowed him to step away, Re-think, and go on this amazing journey. I followed my passions until my late 20’s, but then I was stuck with no career, and only started to build that part of my life when I was 30. So I had to go full force, and abandoned my passions and dreams. Now 20 years later,… Read more »