BLOG: And, Action!

“And, Action!” Camera’s rolling, and the actors begin to act.

It’s not enough that they’ve studied and memorized all their lines, and can recite them as naturally as they breathe. It’s not enough that they’ve intellectually dissected and emotionally deconstructed their characters. It’s not enough that they’ve developed a deep understanding of the story that they’re in, and their role in that story. It’s not even enough that they’ve rehearsed and practiced over and over again.

The actors need to act. It’s show time! It’s not a dress rehearsal. It’s not a table reading. It’s a performance, defined as the action or process of carrying out or accomplishing an action, task, or function; execution, implementation, effectuation.

Seizing Your Passion in life is no different. If you want to realize your dreams, become your best self, and live your life to the fullest, with purpose, passion, and fulfillment – you must take action!

Yes, you must study and learn, and be able to speak the language of your dreams as naturally as you breathe. Yes, you must know yourself, what you want, and why you want it. Yes, you must deeply understand and connect with the greater context of your life story – your surroundings, your relationships, your community, your world, and the world at large – and you must identify and honor your role within that context. And yes, you must hone your skills, work hard, and consistently practice towards proficiency, mastery, and never-ending improvement and growth.

But that is not enough. You must act! You must perform! Every single morning when you get out of bed – hear the director say “Action!” 

Every single day, do something that you love, do something that brings you alive, do something that connects you to yourself, to others, and to your dreams.

Every single day, take a step forward – towards your dreams. Even if that step is nothing more than doing something that will help you figure out what your dreams are….

Life is not a dress rehearsal and it’s not a table reading. It is a performance. And, the director is saying, “Action!”


I promise you, when you start taking those steps (and believing that you can), the universe will take steps towards you as well.



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