Always, No Matter What, Choose Hope! [3.10.23 Video Email]

The Power and the Freedom to Choose Hope!

“Everything can be taken from a [person] but one thing: the last of the human freedoms – to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances.”
 – Viktor Frankl

The plain and simple truth is that sometimes life is unimaginably tragic and painful. 

Life can be really, really hard sometimes. 

We all go through moments, days, and sometimes longer periods when we feel discouraged, defeated, and depleted.

We can feel broken, exhausted, inadequate, and even like we don’t matter; we can even think – maybe nothing matters…

Sometimes it feels like we can’t get anything right, like everyone and everything is against us. Maybe even…like we’re completely alone. 

Sometimes we feel like we have nothing left to give, and maybe even wonder if we ever had anything worth giving in the first place.

We can doubt ourselves and feel like nothing but the sum total of our mistakes. We can feel like nothing we do, can or will make a difference.  

We can feel like no one understands us, really sees us, or hears us, and maybe even…like no one ever can or will.

Sometimes we want to scream with all our might, but all we have strength for is the faintest of whispers. And sometimes it feels like we are screaming with all our might, but still no one hears. 

But no matter what version of those “sometimes” we all go through, and despite the fact that we can all feel those things, we must always remember the power and the freedom we also all have- which no one, nothing, nor any circumstance can ever take away from us – the power and the freedom to choose hope!

To choose our attitude. Our mindset. Our belief. Our faith and our trust that things will get better; and that soon- maybe even tomorrow, we’ll feel differently. 

We can choose to say – not today. I won’t give up on my hopes, my dreams, and my beliefs today. I won’t give up on me today. No matter how dark, down, or damaged I may be feeling right now. Not today.  

That’s the power and the freedom we have every single day.  The power and the freedom to keep our hope alive. To keep our dreams alive.

Not just during the good times, but especially when it really counts – during those “sometimes” that we all go through.

Because when we choose hope, we’re not only choosing ourselves, we’re choosing possibility and promise too.    

“Once you choose hope, anything’s possible.” 
– Christopher Reeve

Please remember to always, no matter what, choose hope!

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