Aligning Values With Passions

In our February 11th live Periscope chat, Bobby Umar touched on the topic, “How To Align Your Values With Your Passions.” Values and passions go hand in hand and are essential ingredients in the recipe of seizing our passion and finding our purpose! It’s important we learn why values and passions go together. According to Bobby, many people struggle with the concept, so he’s mapped out some tips to help clear it up:

1. Define Values and Passion: Passion is something you do and act on; you talk about it often. Passion is nothing if there is no action. For instance, Bobby talks about his love for photography and rock climbing. Sure, he loves it but he doesn’t do it often so therefore it’s not really a passion of his, rather more a hobby. Parenting, on the other hand, is something he loves and plays an active role in so therefore it’s one of his passions. Values differ from passion. Values are defined as a set of beliefs which embody who you are. Values are based on how you grew up, what you learned, and experiences you’ve had. Values are the core to our being. Bobby likes to refer to values as the puzzle pieces of our life. Values aren’t just skills or interests; they are the essence of who we are!

2. Define Passions in Terms of Our Values: Defining our passions is a critical step in terms of aligning with our values. Bobby uses the example of parenting to make this point. Parenting, he says, is a value. Being a Dad is a passion. He has combined his passion for being a Father with his values associated to being a good parent, hence aligning the two.He’s also been able to align his public speaking passion—including his love for people and being able to nurture them—with his power of persuasion and influence and his love of diversity.

3. Honest Assessment Of Passion And Values: Do you really act on what you say you’re passionate and have values about? Most of us like to think we are passionate about certain things, but if we aren’t acting on it it’s not a true passion! In order to get an honest assessment, Bobby suggests asking others for feedback. Make a list of the things you believe you’re passionate about and the values you have aligned and then ask other people if they actually apply to you. Gaining feedback helps. In order to make sure your passions are aligned with your values, you must take action! Just saying you are passionate about something doesn’t make you passionate!

4. Prioritize And Rank:  It’s essential to focus on the things you love most in order to truly align your passions with your values. What brings you fulfillment? Bobby places his emphasis on parenting, his love for people, and diversity of experience. He ranks where to place his time based on what he loves and the values associated with it.  Bobby has ranked his top three values as: Love, Balance, and People. He attempts to align all he does based on these values in order to seize his passion!

Your values are constantly evolving, as are your passions. Values are the heart, mind, and soul connector of who you are. By taking the time to align your values with what you love, you’ll be on your way to finding your authentic self! Knowing the difference between values and passions will help to find your purpose!

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Blog published by Rachel Silver Cohen of Silver Unpolished



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