About Seyopa

“Seyopa” is an acronym made up of the first two letters of three powerful words: SEIZE YOUR PASSION!

Seyopa exists to inspire, empower, and foster not only your dreams, but also you!

We want you to do more of what you love, and to be more of who you love!

PASSION is at the heart of Seyopa because when you begin to connect with, engage in, explore, develop, and grow your passions, and when you start to live out of your own inner Passion, it permeates every aspect of your being and of your life!

And we want you to realize your dreams and become your best self! Because we believe that is THE BIG WHY we are all here!

We create, curate, and share videos and articles that are inspiring, empowering, meaningful, insightful, enlightening, applicable, but still entertaining to help you step into who you were always meant to be, achieve your boldest and greatest dreams, and live your life to the fullest – with meaning, purpose, passion, and fulfillment!

Here’s what else we believe in:

Self-Actualization & Dream Realization Through Passion – Connecting with and engaging in what you’re passionate about, tapping into your own inner passion, what lights your fire and brings you alive, what feels like the most natural, real, truest, and best you; that is the foundational building block for self-actualization and dream realization!

Personal Growth and Development – living by a personal growth philosophy and practicing personal development principles is how you begin to grow through life, not just go through it; it’s how you constantly learn, evolve, and become better; and it’s how you come back home to your truest, highest, and best self! So that you can manifest your Personal Legend – the person you were born to become and the reason you are here!

Positive, Meaningful, and Transformative Media & Entertainment – Stories, the media, and digital technology are one of the biggest influencers in our life. Yet, in a world of mass digital connectedness, we are more disconnected than ever from what really matters – from ourselves and our greatness, from each other, and from what we love. We are here to change that, together.

Together, all these elements make up the philosophy of Seize Your Passion as the cornerstone of, and ultimate gateway to, endless more energetically similar and positive states of being that we all seek, that make our dreams a reality, and that make life worth living:

creativity, capability, imagination, innovation, inspiration, connection, confidence, contribution, collaboration, value, meaning, truth, purpose, authenticity, individuality, love, compassion, gratitude, community, opportunity, talent, skill, commitment, determination, resilience, abundance, growth, success, happiness, and fulfillment.

Whether you are a multi-passionate individual, someone who knows exactly what your one true passion is, or you have no clue what your passion may be; whether you are an entrepreneur, an artist, a professional, or have no career at all, the oh-so-important-message to Seize Your Passion! applies to you!

Here’s a letter from Rachel, creator and founder of Seyopa:

Hi 🙂

My name is Rachel, and I’m the proud creator and founder of Seyopa (#SeizeYourPassion!). I believe that you are here for a reason – to become your best self and to live your life to the fullest, with meaning, purpose, passion, and fulfillment. I believe that’s why we’re all here. I believe you have gifts to give, value to add, and dreams to realize! I believe we all do!

I decided to create Seyopa as a vehicle to live out and manifest those beliefs myself, and simultaneously inspire and empower as many people as possible to do the same.

Like you, and like me, Seyopa itself is also on a journey to becoming its best self, manifesting its highest purpose, and realizing its vision and dream of impacting, inspiring, and empowering as many people as possible. This website, its content, and Seyopa’s growing community is Phase 1 of that journey, and of my vision to create a new kind of positive, meaningful, and impactful media platform for story-driven edutainment, content, people, ideas, messages, and resources that inspire, empower, promote, and contribute to individual growth and dream realization on a global scale!

I decided to create Seyopa when I had a life-changing epiphany, not too long ago. I realized that despite having achieved all sorts of goals and reaching all sorts of milestones in my life – somewhere along the way, I had lost my connection to my deepest and truest self, to the parts of me that fueled my passion, inspired me to grow, become my best self, realize all of my dreams, and manifest my own unique Personal Legend.

I realized that I yearned for more fulfillment, purpose, meaning, and passion in my life. I wanted to be more, I wanted to do more, I wanted to achieve more, I wanted to grow more, I wanted to contribute more, I wanted to create more. So, I started looking for how I could do that. I searched for people, stories, websites, groups, and different resources online that could help guide me, and inspire me.

What I found was an incredibly fragmented, extremely noisy, and often disingenuous digital and social media landscape. I had to go to countless different platforms, websites, and apps. I had to sift, sort, and filter out the crap, the sales pitches, and the stuff that just didn’t resonate with me. I had to dig really deep and really long to find the quality, authentic, and diverse resources, voices, and stories I was looking for. Plus, I had no efficient way to organize, personalize, save, and share what I loved in one place for easy, on-demand access later. The whole process was overwhelming, not too mention incredibly time consuming, and anything but inspiring. It was downright frustrating.

And so, the vision for Seyopa was first conceived – one place where people could discover, share, personalize, organize, save, and access select content, resources, and people that inspired, informed, transformed, and even entertained. One place with one purpose – to help people realize their dreams, become their best self, and achieve passion, purpose and fulfillment in their life. No noise, and no BS. This website and building the Seyopa community is the first stage of that vision.

Personally, I too am on a journey of growth to unleash my best self, realize my dreams, and create my most fulfilling, meaningful, and purposeful life. Creating, developing, building, and growing Seyopa is a huge part of that journey. And, I wouldn’t trade it for anything else in the world! Thank you for being a part of Seyopa’s journey, and mine. I sincerely hope it inspires and helps you on yours.

Rachel Ellner Lebensohn

P.S. I created this video when I first embarked on this amazing journey of creating Seyopa. Though some of the details of how Seyopa (and myself) will manifest its best self have changed, and continue to evolve, the core message, essence, and heart of my vision, mission, and purpose that I express in this video remain steadfast and true. Enjoy 🙂