About Seyopa

Seyopa curates, creates, publishes, and shares digital content and resources dedicated to personal development and well-being in order to inspire, empower, inform, and transform.

The word “Seyopa” is an acronym made up of the first two letters of our main message and mission to help you SEIZE YOUR PASSION in life!

Everything we create, curate, publish, and share is to inspire and empower you to Do More of What You Love, Be More of Who You Love, Live Your Truth, Realize Your Dreams, and Become Your Best Self! Because we believe in living LIFE to the FULLEST – with PASSION, PURPOSE, MEANING, and FULFILLMENT! We believe that’s the BIG WHY we are all here, and that we all share.

All of our content is founded on timeless universal truths, philosophies, and pychologies as well as on everyday practical and applicable principles that are all driven by the science and art of personal growth and development, self-actualization, human potential, self-improvement, empowerment, self-love, healing, and well-being.

PASSION is at the heart of Seyopa because when we connect with, engage in, cultivate, develop, and grow what we love doing and who we love being, it permeates, amplifies, and enriches every aspect of our life: from our own self-belief and mindset, to our relationships, opportunities, resilience in overcoming tough times, the meaning, purpose, and fulfillment we create and derive, and all the way to the realization of our dreams, our full potential, and our success!

In a world of mass digital connectedness, we are more disconnected than ever from what really matters – from ourselves, from what we love, from each other, and from our own greatness. Burn-out, unfulfillment, lack of well-being and unhapppiness are on the rise. Seyopa is here to help change that. Our goal is to provide a positive, inspiring, meaningful, and empowering impact and difference.

We recognize the balance needed between prioritizing and emphasizing our inner well-being as much as we prioritize and emphasize our outer goals because we know that is a KEY component to living our most prosperous and fulfilling life! When all the elements of our success and well-being are nurtured and aligned – from the mental to the emotional, physical, personal, and all the way to the professional – then, we can truly transform ourselves and our lives for the better!

Seyopa only creates, curates, and shares content and resources that are inspiring, empowering, meaningful, insightful, practically applicable, and transformational.

You have gifts to give, value to add, and dreams to realize! We all do! Seize Your Passion!

Please enjoy some quotes from Rachel, creator and founder of Seyopa:

“Success is not necessarily what you do or even who you become; rather, success is often just becoming who you really are.”

“Our culture has mastered the doing over the being. But, being without doing is not sufficient either. We need both.”

“What if it’s really all happening for us?! What if the best really is yet to come?! What if you’re growing into the person you’ve always imagined and believed yourself to be?!”

“More Love. More Laughter. More Goodness. More Truth. More Passion. More Meaning. More Growth. More Life.”

“Live your truth. It’s true that we all have fears and insecurities and doubts. It’s true that we all feel pain and suffer through traumas and mistakes and failures. It’s true that we’ve all felt disappointed, defeated, rejected, and betrayed. And it’s also true that we’ve all known, seen, felt, and embodied the courageous and joyful  victor within us, even if just for a moment. Because it’s true that we’re human and we’re both. It’s also true that you get to decide which one of you shows up and leads the way.”

“We’ve become so consumed by the notion of achievement that we’ve lost the fulfillment in it. But the answer is, it’s always both.”

“Do more of what you love. Be more of who you love.”

“Life is full of paradoxical dualities. Good and bad, joy and suffering, easy and hard. There’s darkness and light, breakdowns and breakthroughs, stagnation and growth, hope and despair, and short-term and long-term. A key to becoming your most resilient and best self, overcoming hard times, creating meaning, and ultimately realizing your dreams and living your best life is recognizing and remembering these ever-present paradoxical dualities and fluctuations.”     

“Our professional dreams, goals, failures, and successes are always integrated…with our personal ones. Why? Because everything and everyone is interconnected. Our experiences, our perspectives and all the wisdom that comes as a result are all intertwined and related. What applies to one box is almost always applicable to another, regardless of how radically separate we may label those boxes.”

“…We live integrated, interconnected lives despite how rigidly we may seek to separate and compartmentalize the pieces of our life puzzle. It’s one puzzle, always. In order to live our best and fullest life, all the pieces need connection and alignment with each other.”