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Seize Your Passion!

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24 Evidence-Based Ways to Train and Track Resilience | By, Grant H Brenner

While many aspects of resilience are innate (related to biological factors affecting brain plasticity, for example), many resilience factors are learnable (“modifiable”). It is these modifiable factors people need to target, train, and track.

Know Your Self | By, Dan Pedersen

Self-discovery is about becoming aware of who you really are, rather than what culture has told you that you should be. Self-discovery is about no longer striving to be what you think others will admire.

The Power Of Inspiration: How To Find Your Passion And Live Your Best Life...

Our hidden talents come alive as they shine forth, and in doing so, we discover ourselves to be greater than we ever imagined. The passage suggests that when you align with a greater force, this is the essence of inspiration. People who are inspired act from a deeper place within. They are not concerned with accolades and recognition from others; they strive for personal satisfaction and a sense of purpose and meaning, which derives from their work.

Viktor Frankl’s 5 Most Profound Perspectives For a Truly Meaningful Life | By, Thomas...

"Our greatest freedom is the freedom to choose our attitude." Think of existential freedom as a basic human right to choose the trajectory of your experiences

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VIDEO: Seize Your Passion!

VIDEO: Seize Your Passion!

Life is short, and your time here is sacred. So LIVE!! your life, to the fullest - with meaning, purpose, passion, and fulfillment! You can realize your dreams and become your best self! That's why you're here. Do more of what you love, and be more of who you love. Seize Your Passion! 

What, Where, and Who Are Your Safe Havens?

The key to resilience and how to make life fun again! What, where, and who, are your safe havens?  Such a good question, right?! Because it's such...
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Video: Everybody Dies, But Not Everybody Lives | By, Prince Ea

Everybody dies, but not everybody lives. Start living! #SeizeYourPassion! A profoundly inspiring video by Prince Ea.
Video: 10 People That Turned Hardships Into Blessings | By Jay Shetty

Video: 10 People That Turned Hardships Into Blessings | By Jay...

Jay Shetty brings us ten inspiring stories about how our biggest failures, rejections, and lowest points can truly be our biggest blessings.

Goalcast – Tips, Motivation and Inspiration To Reach Your Goals.

A great resource for advice, videos and motivation to help you realize your full potential. Source: Goalcast - Tips, Motivation and Inspiration To Reach Your...

Hope and Curiosity

Choose hope over doubt, and hope over fear. Choose curiosity over defeat, and curiosity over disempowerment. Choose hope and curiosity, every single time! Because your choice matters; and it makes a difference!

What You're Saying:

“Seyopa helps me listen inwardly to what really brings me alive.”

“Your message was all I needed to affirm my decision that I am ready to take on my dream which I have held back for 10 years.”

“I think Seyopa is great and will inspire people. It has been inspiring me.”

What We're Saying:

You have gifts to give, value to add, growth to achieve, and a Personal Legend to manifest!

You were meant to live your life to the fullest – with meaning, purpose, passion, and fulfillment!

You can do more of what you love and be more of who you love!


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